• Conducting of annual or periodic surveys of compensation (base salary, incentive pay, perks, and benefits) to ensure competitiveness (external pay equity) with the municipality’s market reference group.
  • Accurate matching of client positions to the market reference group (i.e., not in terms of position title or generic function, but. based on the responsibility scope of the position).
  • Key Client Benefits: Reliable determination of positions paid high, on target, or low; relative to market; identification of base salary scale adjustments required to maintain market competitiveness and/or appropriate differentials between position levels; determination of other elements of compensation requiring improvement/adjustment (e.g., perks and employee benefits).

With such a large and diverse group of municipalities, it is possible to monitor key compensation and organization trends across the entire municipal sector in Ontario.  In addition, the large database enables a client municipality to tailor the selection of a market comparator group that fits its size and geographic location.

Survey Features

The Survey of Compensation and Organization provided by K&A, has a number of distinctive features, including:

Population vs. Sample Approach

With over 150 plus participants in the Survey, there is near full coverage of municipalities of comparable size and geographic location, as compared to an arbitrary selection of a few interested participants.

Largest Database to Date

The combination of 150 plus participating municipalities and 186 potential position matches has substantially increased the Survey database. There are now over 10,000 data points for Towns/Townships/Cities and Counties in K&A’s database.

Economical “One-Stop Shopping”

The Survey provides a single reference source to municipalities on current compensation practices, employee benefits coverage, and corporate organization arrangements (i.e., type of organization and functions covered at the Supervisor level and above).

Ease of Data Submission

There are no complex forms or questionnaires to complete; instead, K&A collects raw data (salary ranges, organization charts, position descriptions), as available for specific positions covered in the Survey.

Reliable and Valid Position Matches

Some compensation surveys match market data on the basis of position titles, which can result in non-equivalent comparators. K&A matches positions after a thorough analysis of the organization structures among municipalities. Survey positions are matched in terms of responsibility content, scope and number/type of direct reports. The position responsibilities summaries are used in discussions with the Client municipality to obtain accurate position matches. With the involvement of K&A in the position matching exercise for each municipality, there is a high level of consistency and uniformity not otherwise possible (i.e., 150 plus different municipalities inputting compensation data, according to their own individual position match interpretations).

Actual Salary (i.e., Job Rates) Distributions

Scatter plot charts show the compensation distribution (i.e., position Job Rates) with maximum precision and accuracy of comparison.  Averages can be misleading, particularly if the salary distributions are flat in certain places or throughout the distribution.

Ease of Understanding

The Survey is designed to facilitate understanding by non-experts in compensation (Municipal Management and Council); same grid (e.g., salary increments) used for each scatter plot for ease of comparison – position to position.

Confidentiality of Salary Data

Data pertaining to a specific Town/Townships/City or County position(s) are known only to that municipality.

Organization Set-up and Management Staffing Comparison (Optional)

Documentation of existing organization structures and management staffing are provided, permitting comparison of type of organization, as well as, scope of services provided (i.e., single tier or two tier).

Nominal Cost

When the expenses associated with the Survey are shared by the participants, the cost to a single municipality is significantly reduced.

Survey Feedback

The Consultants provide Survey feedback and responses to questions about the Survey results from each municipality.

Availability of Technical Assistance

K&A’s services may be retained to prepare (and present if desired) reports and recommendations to Council. As well, the firm can assist in the design or redesign of compensation policies and programs.