Dr. Margot Hovey

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Dr. Margot Hovey

Dr. Margot Hovey

Senior Consultant

Professional Background:

Dr. Margot Hovey is a seasoned professional with experience in the telecom, government, consulting and software industries. Dr. Hovey has extensive experience in designing and facilitating fundamental organizational and community-building issues—both virtually and live. Her creativity emerges in demonstrating the power of collaborative relationships by understanding the challenges facing transnational and global organizations. She is at her best when given a mandate to innovate.

Dr. Hovey has worked on two parallel paths for years. In telecom and software, she has worked as a Senior Information Architect specializing in end-user documentation, training, and user experience. As such, she has researched user needs and designed and developed manuals, help systems, training curriculum and website design for over a hundred software products/releases. Margot has worked extensively in the design and implementation of knowledge products based on the principles of adult learning.


Diversity & Inclusion:

Since 2003, Dr. Hovey has been pursuing her second growth path as a Diversity & Inclusion expert. She has created and facilitated workshops that emerged from extensive research that she undertook on diversity initiatives and directives. Margot’s research found that many previous and current efforts within this field actually help to maintain the isolation and separateness they are meant to resolve by polarizing differences and using energy to keep people separate from each other. In response to a lack of current empirical research on Diversity & Inclusion in organizations, Dr. Hovey is currently is creating an Inclusion Audit to use as the basis cultivating best practices for organizations.

Dr. Hovey is experienced in a multitude of qualitative practices. Dr. Hovey has found that action-research is an approach to research that encourages organizations and leaders to learn as they grow. Dr. Hovey encourages leaders to acknowledge their own values, beliefs, and assumptions. Self-knowledge is vital to charting successful lives.


Coaching & Conflict Resolution:

In 2009 Dr. Hovey received training in Coaching, for both individual, couples, groups and team relationships, to complement her considerable skill set. Through deep listening and challenging advocacy techniques, Margot offers potent efficiencies to clients dealing with transformation in a focussed coaching format.

Dr. Hovey’s approach to conflict management and resolution is through appreciation and respect of differences, as well as the significance of healthy relationships and community. Margot continues to explore practices of Mindfulness and Dialogue in her life and through sharing with others.



Dr. Hovey earned a B.A. from York University in Philosophy; an M.A. from Concordia University in Media Studies; and a Ph.D. from the California Institute of Integral Studies in the Transformation, Learning, and Change in Human Systems. Margot learned how to facilitate change, while respecting the strengths, learning styles, and traditions of a diversity of groups in person and online. Her dissertation focuses on Facilitation Techniques in Cultural Diversity.