Municipal Recruitment

With a generation of municipal leaders about to retire, municipalities are facing a growing challenge: attracting top talent to lead their growing communities. 

The search for these new leaders can be daunting for a number of reasons:

  • There are more market-sensitive positions than ever in the municipal sector. 
  • New technology-based skills are required in today’s municipal environment. 
  • Many qualified candidates in the labour market might not normally consider a career in the public sector.

Your municipality must plan for these mounting hiring challenges. Now, more than ever, is the ideal time to develop a relationship with a specialized recruitment firm.

Krecklo & Associates Inc. understands these challenges. During the Information Systems and Technology hiring boom of the last quarter century, we developed a strong reputation for sourcing top executive talent amidst similar market conditions. 

Krecklo also understands your municipality. Through our consulting relationship with a recognized leader in municipal HR consultancy, we have gained extensive industry knowledge, and experience working with municipalities of various sizes to meet their organizations’ needs.

We will assist your Council Selection Committee through the entire recruitment process using a proven methodology to select top candidate(s) for senior level management vacancies (e.g., Chief Administrative Officer, Commissioner, Department Director). 

  • Determining the ideal candidate’s qualifications and character traits
  • Preparing position advertisements/notices
  • Screening of resumes
  • Identification of a short list of candidates to be interviewed
  • Design of the interview process including specific questions to be asked by members of the Selection Panel
  • Identification and notification of candidates making the short list
  • Preparation of a candidate rating form
  • Participation in the interview and
  • Finalization of candidate selection.

Recruitment Methodology

The Krecklo Recruitment method is a user friendly selection process that generates higher confidence on the part of the Selection Committee members, with a positive and professional impact on candidates. Given the depth of Krecklo & Associates Inc.’s experience we are able to provide HR departments with the tools to successfully recruit and select senior level managers. A more cost-effective route than that of the standard search methodology, we assist your Council Selection Committee through the entire recruitment process, using proven methodology to select top candidate(s) for senior level management vacancies.

Position Definition

Our consultant meets with the client to identify the candidate profile for the assignment and to gain an understanding of the organization structure, requirements, culture, and personality.

Assessing the Assignment

We define the mandate according to our understanding of the candidate profile, then present it to the client for approval.

Advertisement Preparation

We construct and design an advertisement in relation to the requirements of the position. Once approved by the client, the correct media placement will be determined and marketed.

Resume Evaluation

Potential candidates are screened and systematically reviewed, using the client’s mandate to determine the best fit. After careful elimination, a grid-list of candidates is presented to the client and an interview list is agreed upon.

Interview Process

Krecklo will work in tandem with the client to design and execute the interviews, including the creation of candidate rating forms and the preparation of interview documents. A Krecklo representative will be present for all interviews.

Evaluation of Interview Process

The initial interviews will be assessed and a list of two or three finalists will be determined. The Selection Committee will choose a finalist candidate after secondary interviews are conducted.

Due Diligence and Offer

The candidate selected by the client is further assessed by us through reference verification and due diligence to confirm the soundness of the selection. After having satisfied this process, an offer will be made by the client. Krecklo will help facilitate this offer of employment.