Make Krecklo a Part of your recruitment strategy

Your municipality is growing and changing.

As you seek out top talent to lead your community, you will be faced with many challenges:

–       How do you best determine the ideal qualifications for a position?

–       Where will you source qualified applicants?

–       How will you determine which candidate is the ideal choice?

Although a retained executive search firm has traditionally been the best vehicle to attract and retain talented leaders, your municipality may have the resources to perform some of the search process in-house.  Supplanting your HR team’s knowhow with outside expertise can provide the best of both worlds.

Krecklo & Associates Inc. now offers a new and unique approach to executive recruitment with our new “Unbundled Approach”. This allows your municipality to outsource certain elements of the recruitment process, keeping in-house those components that it has the ability, capacity and time to perform.

Components of the recruitment process which could be outsourced – Unbundled:

• Determining the role/responsibilities of the “Position Mandate”, and priorities for near term, 2) identify key knowledge and skill requirements, as well as education and work experience requirements, and 3) discuss the selection criteria for the position to be filled.

• Sourcing qualified candidates to fulfill the “Position Mandate”, compared against the established selection criteria.

• Screening of resumes and preparing a qualifications summary for all appropriate candidates, highlighting those to be considered for inclusion on the short-list.

• Designing the selection process (i.e., questions to be asked, work samples to be reviewed, etc.) for assessing the short-list of candidates, as well as the rating/scoring summary for each candidate.

• Participating in the Selection Panel to assess candidates on the short-list, providing an objective third-party opinion on the viability of each short-listed candidate, and assisting in developing the finalist selection.

• Assisting with the “closing”; Reference verification process; Offering the position; Finalization of the Employment Agreement, etc.