Using Our Services

Our services may be retained in either of two ways:

Retainer Method

The client entrusts Krecklo with an exclusive mandate to conduct a thorough search/recruitment for the ideal candidate to fulfill a position. We become the exclusive recruitment source for the staffing of this position. Accordingly, all referrals are forwarded to our attention for consideration

The client pays one third of the estimated fees immediately, upon the signing of our agreement. The second third is due upon our submission of the short list of candidates, and the final third is payable upon the formal acceptance of the offer of employment by the candidate. A percentage of the total fee is billed to cover project expenses, minus travel and advertising costs, which are billed separately.

Per Diem Method

The client engages Krecklo to conduct a portion of the search/recruitment for the ideal candidate on an expense basis. Traditionally, a client requiring assistance with either a partial search/recruitment or in providing consultation employs this method. Billing is based on our hourly rate for the time spent on the assignment. All expenses for research, advertising, travel, and materials are billed as they are incurred.